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Animated Instagram Stories in After Effects – Skillshare

Animated Instagram Stories in After Effects. Free download!!!

In this class, I will teach you how to create Animated Instagram Stories in After Effects. You will be learning how to set up layout, design, animation and exporting final story video. We will be creating 3 different types of stories which focus on three different fields.

Story Types:
  • Business Promotion
  • Sale Promotion
  • Event Info
  • Selling Tickets
  • Food Business
  • Showcase Products

These are just a few examples but there are endless possibilities. With the same animation techniques, you can create any type of animated Instagram stories.

What You Will Learn?
  • Layout Setup
  • Project Structure for Animation
  • Image Animation
  • Text and Typography Animation
  • Create a Duotone Effect
  • Zoom Animation
  • Using Light Leaks
  • Export Story Video File
  • and much more...
Class Resources and Template: You can download class resources and Template (Light Leaks Pack & Project Template) under the "Projects & Resources" tab.
For further information: https://skl.sh/34Kcwtc


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