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What Will I Learn?
  • To edit images for colors, shapes, tonal quality like a pro artist
  • You will learn to use Photoshop like an expert that too from zero.
  • Add special effects to text and images and challenge even the experts
  • Use photoshop to create layouts from Business card to a News paper page
  • Create stunning graphics elements for webpages or Mobile apps
  • Create critical masking to change background of images
  • Compose matte painting scenes like big cinema backgrounds
  • Retouch images like a Professional retouching artist
  • With the navigation techniques use Photoshop like 10 years experienced to impress your boss
  • Edit images in Camera Raw and save 60% time compare to average users
  • A complete section on Bridge is included, many people neglect Adobe Bridge but Bridge can increase the productivity of Photoshop users and save valuable time. It’s very powerful and strongly recommended tool.
  • You should be able to use Windows PC in general
  • You must have Adobe Photoshop CC or CS6 installed on your computer

What will you learn?
1. The basics of Photoshop, Navigation, Brushes, Selection
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2. To use 25 main tools and over 60 variants of the same
3. Camera Raw Editing – The true professionals do 50% of editing with Camera Raw.
4. Adobe Bridge, complete guide – Save over 30% time in organizing and maintaining 1000s of images, use that time for creative work
5. Layers – The details of layers will give you a cutting edge as a Photoshop artist
6. Non Destructive Image Adjustment methods
7. To create special effects with PSD files
8. Masking, women’s hair or a furry toy you can make it transparent
9. Add Text effects that challenge even the professionals
10. Edit videos and add all the magical color correction to videos too. (Need Photoshop CC, CS6 extended)
11. Type – you will be able to create layouts from business card to a newspaper page (with project file)
11. You will get the benefits of my 20+ years experience to add efficiency to talent.
Simple Retouching images to make them qualify for cover pages of magazines
There are over 20 challenging PSD project files included – All those are backed up by video explanations layer by layer. Initially these projects look like impossible task, only to surprise you to see that it’s just a magical secret that very few are aware of.
You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop CC installed on your system. CS6 can be used with very few limitations
  • The course is recorded on Windows based PC, Mac users have to understand the keyboard differences.
  • You need to understand basics of computer as a common user
You do NOT need
  • Any 3rd party plug ins
  • Any experience with Photoshop
  • Any other software than Photoshop
Who is the target audience?
  • Aspiring creative people who want to learn Photoshop from absolutely scratch
  • People having difficulty with Adobe Photoshop
  • Fine art students, painters, sketch artist who want to shift to digital art
  • Landscape, Portrait, fashion Photographers who want to edit and enhance bulk of images
  • Some one who wants to have a complete reference guide to Photoshop like a directory
  • Graphic Designers who wants to achieve mastery over Photoshop
  • Students having basic knowledge but want to take it to next level
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