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[Udemy 100% Free]-Passive Income - know 15 sources of making passive income


This course is designed for anyone looking to gain an excellent, practical knowledge about the different sources of passive income.This course is designed with complete beginners in mind. No previous passive income knowledge is required to start this course

As for how this course is structured, we have made this course as simple as possible to understand and the course explains sources of passive income with help of  clip arts. This course is divided into several small videos which all cover necessary steps of those sources

As for our background, we are from Akumenn IQ, in the courses provided by Akumenn IQ you will have access to the information that is not provided in schools and universities. We believe in making our courses as simple as possible but with all the necessary information included in it . We believe knowledge is everywhere and every kind of knowledge holds some importance, so we should never stop learning.

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