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[Udemy 100% Off]-ARABIC Language: The Ultimate Arabic MASTERY Course LEVEL 1


Simply put, this course is about how to learn the Arabic language اللغة العربية in an interactive and engaging way, according to the assessment criteria of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). I assure my students that the Arabic Language learning تعلّم اللغة العربية is going to be fun and entertainment in this course which is based on updated criteria and guidelines. In short, this course is going to be the best way to learn Arabic online.

If you are going to learn with me from scratch, then your current level is " Novice Low". We will see how it will be by the end of the first course. I say the "first course" because I am sure that you are serious and eager to learn the Arabic language and, accordingly, I expect you to enroll in the upcoming courses for the higher levels.

In this course, you will learn to read, write, speak and comprehend Arabic. You will also learn by the end of this course about Arab culture and society, especially the Egyptian society. You can guess why. Yes, I am Egyptian!

This course will begin with an extensive introduction to the letters and sounds of the Arabic alphabet. The phonological system of the Arabic language will be covered in a comprehensive and easy way.

Learning Arabic is going to be a "turning point" in your life as you are about to start a new journey. You will learn the language of 22 Arab countries. You will be exposed to the most interesting and richest culture on earth.  In this course, I am going to teach you a language that is written from right to left in horizontal lines, a language that has 4 sounds that do not exist in English at all, a language where many of its letters seem to be similar but what distinguishes them is "dots" above or below the letter.

This course offers a comprehensive  introduction to the Modern Standard Arabic اللغة العربية الفصحى as it is spoken and written by a native Egyptian speaker who lives in the States and teaches Arabic, Media and Translation at the University of Arizona. This course combines a very progressive and rigorous grounding in Arabic.

This course is full of energy & excitement about the Arabic language and culture.  This excitement will be transmitted to my students in a very interactive way. It's a functional course of Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners.  Other course that will get students to Intermediate, Advanced and even Superior levels will follow.  So, if you plan to learn Arabic online, you are on the right track with Mohamed Ansary.

This course is unique and different due to the following reasons:

The teacher of this course, Mohamed Ansary,  is currently a lecturer at one of the top 100 universities in the whole world; The University of Arizona.

This course is written, designed and presented to you by Mohamed Ansary who was chosen by the Five Star Faculty Award Committee at the University of Arizona to be among the top three instructors of 2018.

His official website is recognized by Al-Masdar as an open resource for K-12 teachers of Arabic in the USA.

The teacher of  this course is an Author, Blogger, YouTuber, Trainer, ACTFL Certified-OPI tester, Globally- Connected Educator & Technology Geek.

The teacher of this course is a "Success Influencer" who has thousands of followers on YouTube & Instagram.

This course will be integrated with some technology-based tools to facilitate learning Arabic online. Students will learn how to use technology to learn Arabic. It's an endless journey you are about to begin, a journey that has no end.

Your Arabic Classes here will never end as this course will always be updated. You can also reach me easily any time via my course here on Udemy. I usually respond fast.

This is the most comprehensive and easiest course you can find online.

This course will allow you to have access to many online resources forever. You will have access to the same resources that American students have.
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